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High barrier packaging film for grain escort

Date:2012-01-05 Views:804

China is the world's first grain production and marketing power, mung bean, red bean, kidney bean, black bean, broad bean, soybean, corn, barley, sorghum, millet, millet, buckwheat, rye and barley are consumers eating cereals.

In the vast supermarkets and farmers' markets, the sale of coarse cereals is booming. However, with the emergence of some quality problems, such as packaging damage, air leakage, grains were moth eaten and mildew, etc., from time to time consumers around the issue of exchange. The main reason is the difficult storage of coarse cereals. Nowadays, food safety has become the lifeline of enterprises, and it is of great value in grain processing and circulation enterprises, promotion of new packaging, and ensuring the safety of miscellaneous grains.

The reason is not good grain storage, many grains is a porous material structure, large surface area, easily contaminated with bacteria and fungal spores, plus the grain itself is rich in nutrition, so it is difficult to stop the growth of microbes, easy in processing and storage appeared in the process of aging, cracking phenomenon, fever mildew. The obvious decrease of the practical quality of coarse cereals mainly includes low viscosity, bad taste, gloss and fragrance loss. Therefore, it is of great significance to use new scientific and technological materials to package coarse cereals. China's "packaging general terminology" national standard (GB4122-83) in the packaging is clearly defined: "the so-called packaging refers to the circulation process to protect products, facilitate storage, and promote sales."......"

The main causes of aging of cereal grains are microbial invasion and lipid oxidation. The general deterioration caused by microorganisms in cereals, grains are decomposition components, the molecular structure of the material is decomposed into small molecules; at the same time as the breeding microorganisms in cereals and produce a variety of intermediate products, cause the overall decline in quality of grains, and even produce kanamycin and odor. Although there is no obvious deterioration of some cereals, the nutritional value has been damaged, and the substrate is often poisonous.

Oxidative modification of lipids is also an important factor leading to the deterioration of grain quality. The fat content of grains in general is only 2%, but the chemical nature is very lively, easily influenced by oxygen in the air, by hydrolysis, oxidation and rancidity automatically. After the hydrolysis of fat, a low fatty acid with odor properties is produced, which increases the acidity of the grains, and also produces aldehydes and ketones, which can cause harm to the human body. Grain itself is a living body, there are many active enzymes, metabolic activities of these enzymes can also lead to deterioration of grains. In addition, grains also susceptible to insect and rodent damage, not only caused the loss of the number of stored grains and cereals, is affected by pollution, lead to a decline in quality.

Safety requirements of cereals packaging is anti enzyme and pest control, preservation. At present, grain products are being converted from small packages to small packages, so as to meet the needs of people's lives, such as convenience, safety, nutrition and quick demand. This requires that food products change the way of packing. It is the trend of packaging development to carry out "big change" and "small change to light" in the process of grain transportation. From the packaging materials, we mainly use plastic woven bags and composite plastic bags as packing containers, which have many problems in transportation, loading and unloading, retail and so on. The use of plastic woven bags to pack grains, simple packaging, but the material moisture barrier and barrier poor, coarse grains easily oxidized, mildew, insect pests are more serious, especially in summer storage period is shorter. The compressive strength of the composite bag is not enough, and the bag breaking phenomenon often occurs in the transportation process. In the supermarket, the leakage rate of 2.5 kg and 5 kg vacuum composite bags is as high as 50%, which affects the shelf life of coarse grains. The composite packing is mainly composed of two kinds of materials with direct adhesive bonding, adhesive using organic solvent containing "benzene" ester "ketone" material, easy penetration and migration, causing pollution to crops, cause food safety problems; due to its high oxygen permeability and water vapor transmission rate is high, so the packaging of food grains is easily oxidized, color, taste, and lose their original color and lose the original water, resulting in return, to the company and the customers loss

The Hengchang plastic packaging limited liability company, according to the grains easily deteriorated, R & D and production of a seven layer co extrusion high barrier vacuum packaging, they made of environmentally friendly materials (EVOH, PA, PET, PP, PE) of a multilayer coextrusion formed by physical hot melt method, no pollution, high barrier function strong, low cost, large capacity, high strength, flexible structure, etc.. Seven layer co extrusion high barrier packaging materials and composite packaging materials compared to seven layer co extrusion high barrier packaging materials without the use of gelling agent, thus eliminate the ester, benzene and other harmful substances to food contamination, ensure food safety; seven layer vacuum can reach 100%, and the two layer of dry type composite materials in general 90%; seven layer is composed of more than two layers of nylon, which is packaging tensile and tear strength greatly improved, not easy to damage, storage, easy storage, anti puncture. The seven layer co extruded high barrier packing material can produce sealed packing, vacuum packing and more humanized (aluminum foil) zipper bag and self support bag for coarse grains and rice, and meet the demand of market consumption.

The main function of vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, so as to prevent the deterioration of grains. The principle is relatively simple, because food rotting metamorphic mainly by microbial activity caused, and most of the microorganisms (such as fungi and yeast) survival is need oxygen, and vacuum packaging is the intracellular oxygen removed, microbial lose oxygen concentration is less than 10%, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms rapidly speed the oxygen concentration decreased, amounting to 5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop breeding. Vacuum deaerator in addition to inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, another important function is to prevent the oxidation of food, because food contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids by oxygen oxidation, make food taste bad. The seven layer co extrusion high barrier vacuum packaging has the advantages of good oxygen resistance and water blocking performance, and can effectively restrain and kill most bacteria, thereby greatly prolonging the shelf life of coarse grains. Application of high barrier vacuum packed food court, to solve the long-standing problem to ensure the grain storage grain, grain quality, enhance the brand image of enterprises and economic benefits.