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More than 30 years of film production experience and strong teamwork are our specificity. Five co-extruded film production lines can easily meet the requirements of customers for different specifications, and in a timely and effective manner at the same time.

Three sets of nine-layer imported equipment to guarantee the strong production capacity; advanced automatic thickness measurement system, automatic correction system and automatic refrigeration system to ensure the precision and stability of the product.

According to the customer's needs to make the right products. Professional engineers will analyze the relevant products according to the requirements, and then combine the raw material formulas to make corresponding multi-functional multi-layers film, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high transparency film.

Co-extrusion composite film has more functions than the single film, and is safer than other forms of composite film as well. The coextrusion composite film is combined with the film of different properties through high temperature melting and recooling. There is no glue and chemical additives. It is safe and tasteless to make the product can be widely used.

Professional logistics companies, supply stability and security, lower cost, safer and faster, your satisfaction is our driving force. Efficiency upgrading, to provide you with safe and reliable logistics and distribution services.

Be willing to take responsibility, never avoid problems, ensure the interests of customers, and maintain long-term cooperation relationship.