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★product description★

HcForm is a forming-molded packaging film produced by the company through multi-layer co-extrusion blown film line. It is made by rapid air-cooling process and has excellent hot stretch formability, transparency, and good mechanical properties. By adjusting the thickness of the film to control the depth of stretch and the packaging capacity, it is also possible to provide high-barrier or medium-barrier meat packaging materials resistant to high temperature, UV and retort according to customer requirements.


★Main specifications★

Product Series Material Product Advantages
HcForm - HB
High barrier, PA surface
EVOH barrier layer
★EVOH Barrier layer, high barrier properties;
★PA Surface layer, good moisture resistance;
★Thickness range:60-180um。
HcForm - MB
Medium barrier, PA surface
PA as a barrier layer
★PA barrier layer, medium barrier performance;
★PA surface layer, good moisture resistance;
★Thickness range:60-180um。
HCForm - B
Breathable film
PP/PE ★Non-blocking, high gas permeability and preservation function;
★Suitable for packaging of cold meat;
★Thickness range:60-180um.
HCForm - HT
Retort resistant film, PA surface
PP Heat seal layer
★PA Barrier layer, medium barrier performance;
★PP heat seal layer, high temperature resistance;
★Thickness range:60-180um。


★Frozen meat products


★Partial industrial products

★Fresh meat under normal temperature storage conditions


★Snack foods