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★product description★

The lidding film provided by thermoformed packaging can be used as a lidding film for sheet containers or in combination with thermoformed packaging.

According to customer requirements, it can be designed as a high barrier, medium barrier film and non-barrier film. Can be designed with different heat sealing properties and different material sealing, such as PE, PP, etc., can also provide easy to expose or anti-fog lidding film. The widths and thicknesses can be customized according to customer requirements.

★Main specifications★

pruduct material structure product advantages
HcLid high barrier lidding film PA/EVOH/PE EVOH is a barrier layer ★EVOH barrier layer;
★High barrier properties.
HcLid barrier film PA/PE PA is a barrier layer ★PA barrier layer, medium barrier performance;
★PA surface layer, excellent low temperature and high temperature resistance.
HcLid breathable lidding film PP/PE High permeability, respiratory membrane ★Good molding properties;
★It has high gas permeability and fresh-keeping function, and is suitable for packaging of cold meat products.
HcLid anti-cooking lidding film PA/PP Retort resistant cover film ★The cooking temperature is 121 degrees Celsius.


Lid film is mainly used in food packaging